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Customer Comments

"Phil at spreadsheetsdirect.com has provided what I didn't think possible. He worked miracles with the demands of this particular customer and never failed to come up with the solution. Literally days of work have been saved through the automation process Phil has introduced to my workload and Excel is now a delight to use rather than the chore it used to be!"
Michael. www.courir.co.uk

"Thanks Phil, the spreadsheet converts the files perfectly. I can't begin to explain how much work this saves me."
Banji. www.1stophair.com


Expert Excel Spreadsheet Help.

Improve your business spreadsheets with the use of VBA and high level Excel techniques. Spreadsheets Direct can save you hours by automating your daily processes. Files can be updated with a simple click of a button saving you time and money. With a wide knowledge of various different types of reports used by companies, if you are not sure what you want, call or email to see what we can do.

  • Design, creation & optimization
  • File Format convertors
  • Complex Formulas
  • Data reconciliation
  • Dynamic graphs
  • VBA Macros

  • Spreadsheet Files

    Spreadsheets Direct has a selection of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates available for instant download. Files include lottery checkers for lottos around the world, bet calculators/trackers, automated league tables, attendance trackers, budget tracker and more.

    Spreadsheet Optimization

    Spreadsheets Direct can help speed up your existing spreadsheet reports and reduce the need for duplicating data input. If you think one of your spreadsheets is taking too long to complete get in touch to see if it can be improved. Many files can be automated to reduce manual input leaving your workers free to do other things saving your business money.

    Format Conversion

    Spreadsheets Direct can create a Converter file to change a download into a format that you need at the click of a button. Converter files can save numerous manhours and get you the data how you want it in seconds.

    Spreadsheets Direct Converter files can be set to quickly add new data into your code. All you need to do is copy the end file into your website page allowing for easy site maintainance.


    The use of macros in Excel can easily save you £s in man hours. A spreadsheet report that can take hours to create manually can be reduced to just a click of a button, freeing you or your employees up to work on other tasks.

    Data Reconciliation

    Spreadsheets Direct can assist you in checking the quality and accuracy of your data to ensure your new system gets off to the best start. Contact Spreadsheets Direct to see if your spreadsheet reporting can be improved.

    Spreadsheet Queries Answer Service

    If you've got minor spreadsheet queries such as formulas or want some tips, check out the Spreadsheets Direct Spreadsheet Solutions Service and have the answers mailed direct to your inbox for just 1.50! A working example will be sent to you with full explanation of how it works.

    Password Removal

    Have you got an Excel file you've forgotten the password for? Spreadsheets Direct may be able to unlock the file and let you get back into it. If the file can't be unlocked than there's no charge!


    Mob: 07795 215 982 or
    Email: services@spreadsheetsdirect.com


    39 Highfield Road, Southport, PR9 8QL

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